The idea for Singlemalt.TV was born in Cannes, France in the spring of 2006, as Visionmill's cinematographer/ founder Rob Draper wandered the crowded exhibit halls at MIPTV, the largest television programming conference in the world

His eye was attracted by a very small stand promoting the ability to deliver ultra hi quality video online. Inspired by the buzz of new media content and his years experimenting with several forms of IPTV, he decided to dive in with an innovative concept, where quality of content would be king, would be produced only in Hi Definition and would be targeted to a premium luxury brand oriented audience.

Within weeks, Draper had laid the groundwork for Singlemalt.TV, a niche-market Internet Television Channel (IPTV) designed to appeal to both connoisseurs and casual fans of single malt Scotch whisky.

Backed by audience demand, Singlemalt TV’s coverage now includes all types of whiskey and offers premium quality whiskey television to whiskey lovers of every preference, everywhere.

To date Singlemalt.TV
has produced over 1200 original videos.

Singlemalt TV has crew based in USA, England, Scotland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, India, Singapore and Japan.

The teams are able to respond quickly to any request for material.

All footage is captured (as it has been for several years now) as data and is proxied to the edit rooms in Maine whilst the original material is shipped. Offline edits are conformed once media arrives followed by sound mix, color grading, VO and graphics added before encoding and upload to the SMTV servers based in Arizona and distributed to edge of web servers throughout the world.

Within a few months of launch Visionmill was contacted by News International (London) (Sunday Times/London Times). This started an intense period of collaboration between the two companies (including acquisition) dealing with future integration of high quality video into Sunday Times and newspapers in general.

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Review: Sitesurfin Web Video Guide

"...what is finally uncorked is a full bodied slate of tasteful, webisodic historical programs, profiles and whiskey based cooking shows. They are presented at a leisurely pace, not unlike the pace of gentlemen (and gentlewomen) sipping the best single malt whiskey in the finest, most exclusive clubs.

....Singlemalt TV exploits the natural beauty of Scotland and alcohol glistening in a glass by filming in Hi Definition. Hi Def saturates every color, every shape, even every spoken word. Draper knows how to drain every last bit of beauty from every single image and pour them through the computer screen......for a moment I actually thought I could smell the stuff"

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