Visionmill combines Live webcasts, teasers and 30 minute daily roundups covering the 6 day festival in Kentucky for Singlemalt TV. Visionmill moved its mobile production package to Bardstown Kentucky to cover the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, a 6 day affair celebrating everything Bourbon and attracting crowds from throughout the US and around the world.

Moving into an old courthouse on Bardstown's Main Street, Visionmill set up a mobile broadcast center with a team of producer/director, cameramen, editors, journalist, on camera presenter and PA's.

The coverage included packages promoting Louisville's Urban Bourbon Trail, LIVE previews of each days events from one of the towns in the Bourbon Triangle (Louisville, Lexington,Frankfort), feature stories and profiles on each of the Bourbon distilleries and full coverage of all the activities each day, including main events every evening, culminating with Red Carpet style coverage of the final evening's Gala Event...including interviews with the Governor of Kentucky.

Two cameramen covered a combination of the days events and elements from each of the towns with runners taking the footage to Bardstown as each event concluded for editing to begin. Producer/Journalist worked from Bardstown co-ordinating and Prod//Dir worked with editor to prepare the evening 30 minute review show.

Entire production generated more than 45 minutes of content daily and was online, by 9pm every evening.

Post production: Graphics, interstitials, teasers and bumpers were prepared by Visionmill Designers ahead of the Festival with promo's put into heavy rotation on Singlemalt TV.

Social media got the word out every day with heavy use of Twitter and Facebook to keep the audience updated as segments came online.

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