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Visionmill Productions was called on to produce 60, Hi Definition originated videos for the famed Scotch Whisky Distillery located at Kirkwall, on the island of Orkney north of the Scottish mainland. The videos were part of an upgrade and overhaul of their website and were produced in four categories:

1. For the expert/whisky connoiseur looking to gain depth and insight into the processes employed by the distillery

2. For the casual whisky consumer looking to expand their knowledge.

3. Tasting videos featuring core whiskies and special editions and produced by the distillery.

4. Video set with tasting notes and story behind the sterling silver bottle design to accompany the launch and promotion of £10,000 per bottle Highland Park 50 Years Old Limited Edition.

Pre production was handled via phone, email and Skype video conferencing between Visionmill in Maine and Highland Park in Perth (Scotland) and Orkney.

Visionmill sent a production team to Scotland and photographed all material filming on Orkney, Perth and Glasgow.

Post production: Edit, graphics, rotoscoping and primary color grading was completed in-house at Visionmill's Studio with low res approvals uploaded in quicktime format for assessment by the team in Scotland. Once approved all videos went through a final sound mix and sweeting and were color graded before transcoding, compression and loading directly to the Highland Park YouTube account for integration into both their website and YouTube Channel.

click on image to play movie

click on image to play movie

"Visionmill Productions has been instrumental in the media evolution of Highland Park. In the 6 months we worked together on Highland Park we developed a whole new approach to our website allowing people greater access to info through film and also took giant leaps into web casting technology allowing us to broadcast to our strongest fans around the world from anywhere in the world. Rob's keen understanding of cinematography, coupled with his analytical mind and his teams can do attitude ensures that Highland Park continues to punch above its weight."

Gerry Tosh. Highland Park Whisky Head of Brand Education. Orkney. Scotland.

Case Study - Highland Park Distillery - Orkney, Scotland


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